--Fillmore County Plus Thousands Watch the Total Solar Eclipse
--FHR Starts Construction at the Fairmont Site for New High Protein Feed Ingredient
--Mylah Rose Boutique Opens in Downtown Geneva
--250,000 Hours Without and Accident at the Fortigen Plant



​-"The Dark Tower" September 23-24 Rialto ll Theater
-Farmers Market-Geneva, every Tuesday from 5-7, east of the         Courthouse
.-Farmers Market-Milligan, Sundays from 1-3, north of the                Auditorium on 6th Street, Contact Crystal at 402-366-7213


FHR Starts Construction at the Fairmont Site for a New High Protein Feed Ingredient
Kevin Karasiuk, manager at the Flint Hills Resources ethanol plant in Fairmont, stated they are now ready to start construction to install a new, bolt-on technology called Maximized Stillage Co-Products™ (MSC).  After moving a lot of dirt and pouring the footings they will soon be ready to starting building upwards.
The $50 million project is one of the largest investments in co-product upgrading technologies made by a dry mill ethanol manufacturer.  Once the plant is operational it will produce a high protein animal and fish feed ingredient from a portion of its distiller grains. 
Construction will take about 12 months and require about 120 workers.  The construction will include a new building and two protein dryers.  The MSC is an innovative, bolt-on technology the will help FHR extract more value out of every kernel of corn processed at the plant.  The technology uses a series of mechanical processes to separate protein from the solids leftover after ethanol distillation.  Centrifuges are used to isolate protein molecules from residual fiber and carbohydrates. Once the protein is separated it is sent to a protein dryer where it is dried into a high-quality meal. 
The new, high protein feed ingredient product will be known as NextProTM.  Flint Hills Resources plans to market the ingredient to aquaculture, pet food, swine, and poultry industries.​​
  2017 Total Solar Eclipse in Fillmore County  
The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse has come and gone, but the experience is like nothing most of us have seen before. “Awesome” was a word that was used by many after experiencing the eclipse. One student said that he will not use the word awesome so lightly again. People from everywhere gathered in Fillmore County to watch as the clouds parted in time for the Total Solar Eclipse at 1:00 p.m. on August 21st.  
At the Geneva Library Robert Sjar, CEO of the Nicolaus Copernicus Foundation and his crew set up cameras, telescopes and other equipment right outside the library on Friday getting ready for the eclipse.  At Fairmont Skokie Valley (Illinois) Astronomy Club had telescopes set up to view the eclipse and Deep Space Viewing.  The Fairmont Airfield had over a 1000 people viewing the eclipse and 49 planes flew into the airport. Every community in Fillmore County and just about every county road had people stopping to view the eclipse. Schools held special events for their students. Several businesses opened to accommodate visitors and community organizations served meals to the visitors.
Eclipse viewers have phoned and emailed since the eclipse saying what a wonderful experience they had and the generosity they experienced visiting Fillmore County. The Totallity was totally worth seeing.
​​250,000 Man-hours Without an Accident at Fortigen Plant
It is quite an accomplishment to have a 10-month safe work period that equaled 250,000 man-hours without an accident or incident and is something special according to Harold Jackson, director of construction with GorhamGroup Industrial.  Josh Westling, Fortigen President echoed those sentiments. 
The accomplishment was celebrated with a luncheon attended by more than 120 workers and Fortigen executives.  Josh Westling said the plant is planning to keep this tradition of safety happening at the plant.
Joe Casey, the Fortigen Sr. Project Engineer said experts from six countries and 15 different states are currently at the plant lending their expertise.  The pre-commissioning stage is now underway and these people have expertise in the seven areas that will be commissioned.  
Substantial completion of the $75 M ammonia-producing fertilizer plant is expected to happen at the end of August.  Westling noted, however, that major completion at the site will take a bit longer because Fortigen officials have asked the GorhamGroup Industrial workers to add some facets to the project to facilitate future expansion at the plant.         
Mylah Rose Boutique 
 Mylah Rose Boutique Opens in Geneva’s Downtown
Mylah Rose Boutique is a new children’s boutique that is owned and operated by Nicole Schoenholz opened on August 17th in Geneva’s downtown. 
Nicole, who is a mother of four, decided this was the type of retail store that would fit her family’s needs and be a good fit for the community.  She wanted to offer trendy, fashionable, well made clothing right in Geneva.  Also in the boutique will be toys, books gifts, essentials, necessities and baby and birthday registries.
Ms. Schoenholz said she will have new items weekly that a customer will be able to see if they follow Mylah Rose Boutique on Facebook.  All items posted will be in stock and she will ship the item if a person cannot stop at the store.  She also hopes to add services that will be helpful to her customers. The boutique is located at 926 G ST in Geneva. 

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