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-Rialto 11 Theater, "The Commuter", February 17 & 18
-Strang Pancake Feed, February 25, 2018


-FCDC Hosts Lunch and Learn in January
-Fillmore County Needs More Housing
-Fillmore County Entrepreneur of the Year
-Flint Hills Names Carpenter to Manage Fairmont Plant
-FCDC 2018 Winter Newsletter available online. 

--Quartly Briefs


Jaime Lopez, Owner of Molcajete Mexican Restaurant
Named Fillmore County Entrepreneur of the Year
The Fillmore County Development Corporation named Jaime Lopez, owner of the Molcajete Mexican Restaurant, “Fillmore County Entrepreneur of the Year” for 2017 at their annual meeting on February 8th.  This is the first year for the award.
 Jaime Lopez and his family first visited Geneva in December of 2015.  A former FCDC and Geneva Chamber member, Vern Kendall, made the contact with Lopez when he heard that he was interested in starting his own Mexican Restaurant.  Lopez had been managing a very successful restaurant in Phillipsburg, KS at the time.
 The Lopez family liked Geneva and decided to work to establish a Mexican restaurant in the community.  A space was available on main street, Heartland Bank who owned the building was willing to work with him, Patt Lentfer, FCDC Director along with Griselda Rendon of REAP (Rural Enterprise Assistance Project) helped Jaime with the business plan, permits, etc. and he obtained a low interest through the City of Geneva’s LB 840 funds for economic development and the project got started.  After a lot of planning and hard work by Jaime Lopez the Molcajete Mexican Restaurant held their grand opening on October 21st, 2016
 Molcajete Mexican Restaurant is now a favorite restaurant in the area and offers an extensive menu, in a beautifully decorated space and is very family friendly.  The sit-down restaurant is open every day for lunch and dinner except Mondays.  

FCDC Hosts Lunch and Learn in January

A one-hour Lunch and Learn, “Spreading a Positive Attitude”, was held on January 25, 2018 at the Geneva Public Library in Geneva. Mike Henke, from Mike Henke, Inc. of Doniphan, NE was the speaker.
Henke, presented “Spreading a Positive Attitude,” to the 50 participants from across Fillmore County.  Henke has always been interested in people and he believes a positive workplace culture is a business’s best recruiting tool. It begins with having a positive mindset, a positive tone and pitch of your voice. Henke dispelled several “myths” that people believe hinders positive attitudes.  He offered ideas on how to get past the ideas that you can’t change people, employees are hard to find so we have to be lenient, people do not like change, you can’t just “Be Positive”, and workplace culture is overrated.
The Fillmore County Development’s Leadership Development Committee sponsored the Lunch and Learn.  A grant from the Shickley Community Foundation helped with the cost of the speaker.

Fillmore County Needs More Housing
Fillmore County is currently experiencing a housing crisis according to the FCDC Housing Committee and Director Patt Lentfer.  Many families are looking to rent, purchase or build homes in our county.  Unfortunately, they are met with a lack of options.
The Fillmore County Development Corporation is encouraging owners with empty houses or lots to consider the impact of rent or selling.  Having more housing could help our communities thrive.  There are several companies who are expanding which means added workforce.  Added workforce means there is a need for more housing units, both rental and owner owned.
The Housing Study completed in July 2016 estimated that the housing target demand was 54 owner housing units and 36 rental units needed by 2021.  Even though some housing units have been added in the past year, it has not reached the level that is needed.
For more information please contact a FCDC Housing Committee member or the FCDC office at 402-759-4910.
Flint Hills Names Carpenter to Manage Fairmont Plant
Flint Hills is pleased to announce the appointment of Randy Carpenter to the role of plant manager. He will manage the ethanol facility's overall operations and will oversee a team of more than 50 employees. 
Joining Flint Hills in 2016, Randey served as reliability manager at the Fairmont plant. "We are excited to have him serving in this leadership role", said Darrell Birck, vice president of operations at Flint Hills Resources. 
Carpenter earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Northern Arizona University. 

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