-FCDC holds board meeting in Fairmont
-Exeter Streets Are Being Update
-Blue Stem Energy Completes Installing Wind Towers
-Milligan Family Medicine Opens in July for Tuesday Appointments
-Fairmont Holds Community Strategic Planning Meeting
-FCDC 2018 Winter Newsletter available online. 

--Quartly Briefs



​-August 14, First Day of School, E-M School
-August 15, First Day of School, Fillmore Central & Shickley
​-August 18-19, "Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation" Rialto II Theater, 162 Noth 9th, Geneva
​-August 19, Grafton, "St Helena's Bazaar", at the Grafton Community Center
-August 25-26, "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again", Rialto II Theater, 162 North 9th Street, Geneva
  Exeter Streets are Being Updated
The village of Exeter is in the process of update several of their streets in the downtown area.  There are also plans for new lighting being installed as soon as the light poles and fixtures arrive. 
Sidewalks are also being replaced.  Three feet of the sidewalks are cement and the other part of the sidewalk next to the street is a tan brick-looking surface.  Each sidewalk intersection is now handicapped assessable as well. 
Improving street conditions throughout the Village of Exeter was Goal #4 of the Strategic Plan that started with the first planning meeting in January of 2016 and began implementation with some of the short term goals in 2017 and 2018. 

The FCDC Board Meets in Fairmont
The Fillmore County Development Corporation met in Fairmont for their August meeting.  Board members started by visiting three Fairmont businesses; Red Door Studio, Grant Built Transportation, and CPI-Fairmont.
Amanda and Matt Casey started the photography studio in 2010 and moved it from their home to the main street in Fairmont a couple of years ago.  They do portraits of families, weddings, and senior pictures.  The also do videography.  Amanda said when they set up a senior session it is open for an entire year so if there are special occasions later those pictures can be taken too.
The second stop was Grant Built Transportation.  Chris Grant said he bought his first truck in 2010.  He now as 11 trucks, 13 trailers, and employs 13 plus his wife Aislee who works full-time.
The third stop was CPI (Cooperative Producers Inc.) just west of Fairmont.  Ernesto Montavia, the plant manager, gave an over-view of the operation.  They load 6-7 unit trains a month.  It takes 3 to 4 minutes to load a car and there are around 115 cars per train.  Their load out time is under 10 hours.
Heartland Bank furnished lunch when the board held their business meeting at CPI where they discussed ways to grow the county.

Milligan Family Medicine Opens in July
Dr. Scott Vonderfecht, recently joined the Urgent Care and Family Medicine of York, and will be at Milligan Family Medicine on Tuesdays and Thursdays  from 8:00-5:00 at 519 Main ST.  Ronda Clark, PA-C will be seeing patients every other Wednesday in Milligan starting August 1st. 
Appointments may be made by calling 402-629-4280 to meet with Dr. Vonderfecht at the Milligan site
Vonderfecht previously served Milligan area residents through the Thayer County Health Clinic. 
On Wednesdays from 9:00-5:00 patients can schedule appointments  to see Dr. Vonderfecht  at Urgent Care and Family Medicine of York at 309 Lincoln Avenue, York by calling 402-745-6279. 

Scott Vonderfecht grew up in Pawnee City, Nebraska. He attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska where he received his doctorate of medicine and then trained in the Primary Care Residency Program. He has been practicing for over 20 years in Family Practice, Obstetrics and Emergency Medicine. He joined the Urgent Care team in 2014.
Matt and Amanda Casey, Red Door Studio in Fairmont visit with FCDC board member, Derek Betka
Bluestem Energy Solutions Completes Installation of Wind Towers
Bluestem Energy Solutions finished installing the three wind towers west of Fairmont the first week of July.  The installation will produce 6.9 megawatts of power when operational.  It took a giant crane to raise the nacelles and rotor hubs to the tops of the towers.    
Fairmont Holds Community Strategic Planning Meeting 
The Fairmont Village Board held an open meeting on July 18th and invited the community to give input for a strategic plan for the Village of Fairmont that will carry them through the next ten years. 
A community survey had been sent to all the people with a 68354 zip code to help the JEO consultants, Jeff Ray and Terry Meier, get a feeling for what the people of the Fairmont area are looking for in the future. 
Sixty plus community members attended the meeting.  At the end of the evening the group had selected 10 areas where they wanted improvements and/or growth.  Each of those items were given a time for completion of either short term, 0-3 years, mid-term, 4-7 years, or long term, 8-10 years.  Some of the items also had on-going to the term. 
JEO will prepare the written report and return it to the Village Board and citizens in 6-8 weeks. 

Fairmont Village Office​​

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