-Ribbon Cutting for HWY 41 Express Stop
-Fillmore County Needs More Housing
-FCDC Staff Attends Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities Conference
-FCDC 2018 Winter Newsletter available online. 

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-Rialto 11 Theater, "I Can Only Imagine", April 21-22
-Beers of Nebraska rescheduled, to April 21, Milligan Auditorium
-Rescheduled Day Tripping on Hwy 81, to April 21, starting at York & ending at Hebron
-Geneva Arts Council presents "The Bathtub Dogs", April 22, at the Historic Geneva City Auditorium


  FCDC Staff Attends Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities Conference
Patt Lentfer, Executive Director, and Mary Johnson, Administrative Assistant, of the Fillmore County Development Corporation attended the Connecting Entrepreneurial Community conference in Hastings on April 4th and 5th.
The keynote speaker was Josh Berry, of Econic, Inc.  Through examples of entrepreneurial communities, businesses and individuals, Berry shared the building blocks for getting started or re-energized for the entrepreneurial journey.  During his talk Berry discussed ways to cultivate the WHY (conviction + courage) and HOW (curiosity + action) of entrepreneurial success. 
Twenty-nine break-out sessions were held in various downtown Hastings businesses during the two days.  Topics were varied and covered everything from creating a vibrant downtown, transfer of leadership in rural communities, navigating cycles in communities and businesses, breaking down the retail apocalypse and understanding the emergences of bricks and clicks, and identifying business resources to address challenges to name a few.
Jessi Hoeft, Co-Founder of First Street Brewery and Ensign Beverage Co. ended the conference by telling her story of returning to Nebraska and her journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

Owners Left To Right: Dale & Tamara Luzum, Jan & Tammy Rischling, Jason & Blair Pribyl, CHAMPS Chicken, Tom & Marilyn Pribly and Ken & Sherrie Harre 
Ribbon Cutting for HWY 41 Express Stop

Friends and customers attended the Ribbon Cutting for HWY 41 Express Stop on April 7, 2018.   The business opened in July of 2017.
It was the grand opening of the new flex fuel pumps which feature E15, E30, and E85.  Members of the Nebraska Corn Board and the Nebraska Ethanol Board  helped with the ribbon cutting.  Representatives from Champs Chicken were also on hand and Champs Chicken was the special of the day. 
Eric Johnson from  KAWL radio station in York was broadcasting live throughout the day.
Participants at the CEC Conference
Fillmore County Needs More Housing
Fillmore County is currently experiencing a housing crisis according to the FCDC Housing Committee and Director Patt Lentfer.  Many families are looking to rent, purchase or build homes in our county.  Unfortunately, they are met with a lack of options.
The Fillmore County Development Corporation is encouraging owners with empty houses or lots to consider the impact of rent or selling.  Having more housing could help our communities thrive.  There are several companies who are expanding which means added workforce.  Added workforce means there is a need for more housing units, both rental and owner owned.
The Housing Study completed in July 2016 estimated that the housing target demand was 54 owner housing units and 36 rental units needed by 2021.  Even though some housing units have been added in the past year, it has not reached the level that is needed.
For more information please contact a FCDC Housing Committee member or the FCDC office at 402-759-4910.

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