Fillmore County Development Corporation
Established in June of 1989, the Fillmore County Development Corporation (FCDC) is a non-profit corporation that fosters economic development within the county and the local communities.  Capitalizing on the wide range of strengths and leaders found within Fillmore County, FCDC is a Board and Committee driven organization comprised of volunteers.  This vast and varied number of volunteers commit their time and talents towards the economic success and quality of life found within Fillmore County.  
In addition to assisting with the recruitment of new business to Fillmore County, FCDC continuously identifies and focuses on the current economic development needs of the county and establishes working committees to address those needs.  The following committees and their initiatives for 2019-2020 are as follows:
Business Development:  Provide assistance to new, expanding and relocating businesses in Fillmore County through loans, resources and promotion. Partner with other County organizations in business recruitment and retention.

Leadership:  Provide professional development opportunities to Fillmore County’s emerging and existing leaders through workshops, continuing education and sponsored leadership programs. 

Marketing and Public Awareness:  Promote Fillmore County and the existing/new businesses of Fillmore County. 

Workforce and Housing Development:  Connect Fillmore County employers with job seekers and provide resources to sustain and grow the County workforce.
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Fillmore County Development Corporation

2019 Board of Directors
Marcus Ruhl, President
Bryce Kassik, Vice President
Derek Betka, 2nd Vice President
Kory Kahlandt, Secretary
Cindy Myers, Treasurer
Bart Brinkman, Past President 
Don Bristol                
Nate Hughes
Jodi Kleinschmidt
Susan Lynch
Jeff Spiehs
Charlie Trauger

2019 FCDC Committees

Business Development
Marketing and Public Awareness
Workforce and Housing Development