Geneva and Fillmore County offer employers a highly productive and dedicated workforce exhibiting a strong work ethic.  New employers are likely to draw their labor resources from a combination of employed residents, including those who are underemployed and residents who are currently commuting elsewhere.  Nebraska is a right-to-work state.  None of the Fillmore County manufacturers report that their workforces are being represented by a union.

Monthly, not seasonally adjusted Labor Force, Employment and unemployment data in the Fillmore County area including the counties of Fillmore, Thayer, Clay, York and Saline for March 2018

Civilian Labor Force   23,723
Employment               23035
Unemployment                688
Unemployment Rate      2.88%

Labor Supply Factors & Labor Availability 

In 2018 the Fillmore County Development Corporation asked the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) to research the labor supply factors and labor availability for the Fillmore County labor area.  Ken M. Lemke, Ph.D., an economist for NPPD, completed the research and prepared the report in September of 2018.  

The basic conclusion of the report is that the Fillmore County Labor Area and Fillmore County would be able to provide a significant number of dedicated and skilled workers to meet the needs of additional employers in the area.  


  2018 Fillmore County Area Labor Study PDF



                                                  2010                    2018                          % Change from 

                          Geneva            2,217                2,141                                            -2.5%
              Fillmore County           5,890                5,661                                            -2.9%
Labor Market Population*        83,177              83,021                                             0.2%​

Labor market population is the county population plus the contiguous county population.  Source:  U.S. Census Bureau, American Fact Finder, Census Redistricting Data, March 2013.

County Age Distribution (2014)

​Age             0-19             20-24             25-44              45-64             65+             85+              Total
Male             632               151                617               855               301            291               2847
Female         618               148                545               807               348            407               2873
Total:           1250              299               1162              1662              649            698  

Median Age (2016)          State: 36.3 years           County:  47.5

Additonal Information about Economic and Demographic Trends may be found in the 2018 Trend Study  for Fillmore County prepared by the Nebraska Public Power District.