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-Congressman Adian Smith visits Geneva
-Career Day - Industry Tour for Fillmore County Juniors
-Odegeo...Leadership for Fillmore County Held Its First Session
-Electronics Collection & Recycling Event
-FCDC 2018 Summer Newsletter available online. 

--Quartly Briefs



-"Smallfoot", Rialto ll Theater, 162 North 9th Street, Geneva, NE 
-"The House with a Clock In Its Walls", Rialto ll Theater, 162 North 9th Street, Geneva
-October 26, Fillmore County Scrap Tire Collection at the Fillmore County Fairgrounds

Congressman Adian Smith visits Geneva
Congressman Adrian Smith spent time in Geneva on Tuesday, September 18, 2018 to learn about some of Fillmore County/Geneva's successes. Accompanying the Congressman to Geneva was Jared Weimers/Community Liaison. Taking the Congressman on the tour was Patt Lentfer, FCDC Executive Director, Kyle Svec, City Administrator and Eric Kamler, City Council President.  
The Congressman enjoyed touring Certified Truck and Trailer Repair and the Fillmore County Hospital.

  Odegeo…Leadership for Fillmore County Class Holds Its First Session
The 2018-2019 Odegeo. . . Leadership for Fillmore County class met for its first introductory session on September 18th in Grafton at Gary’s Brickhouse Grille.  This year’s participants are: Holly Ackland, Janet Bartels, Julie Kment, Lindsay Eichelberger, Jennifer Griffith, Ian Hrasky, Ashley Kassik, Chris Nichols, LaDonna Pendleton, Valerie Poppert, Victoria Verhage, Christopher Warnick and Justina Yound.  
 Vicky Thompson, a member of the Fillmore County Development Corporation (FCDC) Leadership Committee gave opening remarks to the class and explained that the Odegeo Project is a leadership class organized by the Leadership Development Committee of the FCDC and gave a short history of the program that began in 1994. The sessions give the participants an opportunity to see many business, cultural and political aspects of Fillmore County as well as a chance to improve their leadership skills.  This is the 18th Odegeo leadership class.
 “Do You Know Them” was a skit the committee members did to help the class members think of the many different types of people they encounter in their daily lives.  The members emphasized they were only acting and were not portraying their personalities.
 Renae Marks invited the class members to introduce themselves and learn a few facts about each other as they wrote down two true facts and one false fact about themselves. The class then guessed which fact was false.
 The class members and FCDC Leadership Development Committee members had time for getting acquainted while they enjoyed dinner prepared by Gary’s Brickhouse Grille.  Heartland Bank sponsored the dinner.
 Brandy VanDeWalle, the Fillmore County Nebraska Extension educator, was the speaker for the session.  She used “Real Colors” and hands on learning tools to help the class identify their personality characteristics.   Recognizing that people have different personal characteristics can help a person be a better leader and work with a group.
 Then Sharla Dinneen went over the Fillmore County Trivia Quiz with the class.  Patt Lentfer, Executive Director of the FCDC, went through the binder that told the class what was expected of them and the outline of the year’s sessions.
 The next session of the Odegeo…Leadership for Fillmore County will be held on October 16th and will concentrate on the history and tourism of the County.

Congressman Adrian Smith spent time in Geneva talking with Chris Nichols, Administrator of the Fillmore County Hospital, and Certified Truck and Trailer Repair owners, JD Korbelik and Josh Turner.

Career Day-Industry Tour for Fillmore County Juniors

The Fillmore County Development Corporation (FCDC) in cooperation with the Fillmore County schools and local businesses held Career Day-Industry Tours for Fillmore County Juniors on Wednesday, September 19, 2018. Fifty five students from Exeter-Milligan High School, Fillmore Central High School and Shickley High School attended.
The students were able to choose from three tracks: Business, Marketing & Management---Communications & Information Systems, Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources---Skilled & Technical Sciences, and Health Sciences---Human Sciences & Education.
The goal of the day was to expose students to some of the career opportunities in Fillmore County.   The FCDC wanted to expose students to all aspects of a business that they would not see from the outside. The tours allowed the Fillmore County juniors to hear comments about employment opportunities and training requirements from people in the business.
Twenty businesses were on the tour and forty five people presented information. Lunch was provided through a grant from the Fillmore County Foundation.

Juniors listening to some of the  twenty buisnesses that were on the tour. 

Fillmore County Electronics Collection & Recycling Held on September 21, 2018
Fillmore County held an electronics collection and recycling event on September 21st from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the East bullpen at 10th & F Streets, Geneva, Nebraska.   The event was open to households, businesses, schools, government entities, and non-profits in Fillmore County. 
 The event helps provide a positive outlet and to ensure that computer metals and other hazardous material contained in electronic equipment are recycled properly and will not end up in the land fill or worse.  This event was sponsored by and in cooperation with Trailblazer Resource Conservation,  Fillmore County Supervisors, Little Blue NRD and Nebraska DEQ.


Barn Quilt Video

Electronics Collection & Recycling Event

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